greg - 06 Jun 09
Lets see.. only 9 months since I last wrote anything.  I really should write something new...

summer camping greg - 21 Jul 08
We've been camping this summer so far in eastern Oregon, NW Oregon at the beach, and in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge.  We'll be camping the next 3 weekends as well at Mt St Helens, Nehalem Bay on the coast, and back to KOA in Astoria for another trip.

Finally got around to uploading a bunch of pics from camping trips this summer, check them out in the Images section (click Most Recent).

We're camping every weekend from Jun 28 - Aug 11..  we'd go more but we're running out of summer :)

it's june already? greg - 16 Jun 08

Sooo... 6 months since the last blog entry. What to tell..

Finished up the landscaping in the back, now we're just waiting for things to grow.  Planted blueberry bushes, raspberries, apple trees, strawberries, tomatoes, beans, sunflowers.  Much nice back there with the fence pressure washed and stained also.

Getting psyched up for the camping season.  Between the coast and the volcanoes there's a lot of nice camping out here.  (It's called the coast out here rather than the beach, because hardly anyone actually goes IN the water).

Ian is learning how to read quite well.  He can read almost as good as Melody does, and he still has 15 months before he hits Kintergarden.  He's going to be so bored when he gets there.   I've been trying to get him to ride his bike without training wheels, but he gets too scared.  So I'm taking the route of just raising them up a little at a time instead.

Melody is looking forward to summer vacation.. only 3 more days of Kintergarden.  I'm sure she'll miss school, but our neighborhood has lots of girls her age to play with.  

April has been keeping busy volunteering at school functions, and is preparing to start a Girl Scout troop for the neighborhood.

Well, thats all I have for now..  at my current rate of blogging, i'll check in, oh, around Thanksgiving :)



Happy New Year! greg - 12 Jan 08

I made a couple new games a little while back.. check the Child's Play section.

Also, I made a new website where you can send picture greetings to friends.. check it out if you want..

Happy New Year!

another new game greg - 09 Dec 07

Another new game! 

 In keeping with my drive to learn new client side technologies, I decided to learn some Silverlight.  It's like Microsoft’s answer to Flash it seems.  Anwyay, so, here’s my first project..  a card matching memory game.  You’ll find the link to it in the Child’s Play area, or just click here.

 You’ll need the Silverlight plugin, which I *think* should install automatically if you click the banner.  Otherwise, mosey on over to


blocks game! greg - 06 Dec 07

  I realized that I’ve been concentrating all my technical knowledge on server side stuff, so figured I needed to spend some time brushing up on client side web stuff (CSS, Javascript, AJAX), so I ported an old game I made over so that it’s completely Javascript (well, a little server side stuff for the database to track high scores).

  Anyway, check out the new blocks game in the Child’s Play section of the site.

tis the season greg - 27 Nov 07

  Thanksgiving was great. April made a yummy turkey... apparently the secret is soaking it in brine for many hours before you cook it. 

  I spent most of Thanksgiving day putting up Christmas lights..  should have a pic or two of them up soon. We were the first ones on our block to have them up, but a bunch of houses followed suit the next day or three.

  Well, I’ve got the website to the point where I’ll probably stop fiddling with it so much, but I’ll try to make a point to blog every once in a while, or at least get April to :)  Cheers! 

getting closer greg - 16 Nov 07

After a lot of fiddling and doinking, the new site is getting a lot closer to being ready.. but its still changing on a daily basis. 

 I made some pretty major changes to the database which will help catgorize the pics, so you’ll notice some new categories to choose from in the pics section.  However, now we (read: April :) ) have to go back through and categorize all the 400 pictures to get things hooked up correctly.

  *yawn* time for bed..

Spiffy new web site! april - 13 Nov 07
Greg’s doing a great job remodeling here, now if I could only figure out how to check my hotmail....

new web site is up! greg - 12 Nov 07
Hi folks!
   Sooo.. I got a hankering to learn some of the latest technology when I found out that the folks that were (note, past tense) hosting my website didnt support some of the technologies I wanted to goof around with. So, I decided to switch web hosts, and I use now. While I was at it, I decided to give the site a much needed facelift to get over how clunky it was to use, and also to add some new stuff to it.
  So here it is. I wasnt quite ready to move this version of the site into the url, but I had to switch it over so I could work out some of the bugs in the important parts of the site, so you'll note that some parts are still clunky and unattractive, but it should improve in the near future. Oh, and before I forget, the obligitory "under construction" jpg..

under construction

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